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HumanAction company specialize in building applications for every available platform, creating web portals and video games. Additionally we do tech support, website caring service and managing technical firmware.

Our mission is to create pioneering and innovative software and video games for mobile platforms and Windows PCs.

There are three rules that describe us and which we follow – Professional business approach. Palette of innovative ideas, which borders are difficult to imagine. And customer satisfaction as a result.

Our approach is extraordinary. Each project is our individual goal, we are excited and full of insane ideas, that evolve in the direction of the vision that our customer chose for himself.

Our task is to implement the idea, that is only a beginning of the great venture. There are many important factors to fulfill to successfully reach our goal, such as specifying and designing, refined in all details plan and perfect execution. We guarantee it with all our enthusiasm and competence. Your satisfaction is our business.


Company Details.

HumanAction LLC

ul. Wieczorka 2b/99

41-219 Sosnowiec, POLAND


REGON: 243526113

NIP: 6443506799

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